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How to Pick a Caterer for Your Event
The catering for your event is an important decision. The food is one of the main things your guest will remember. Selecting an excellent experienced caterer is something you want to research. Below you will find advice to look for a Las Vegas catering service. While hiring a caterer is as easy as searching "Las Vegas caterer" in Google, it makes sense to do your homework before you hire anyone. These questions are what you might want to ask before you commit to a catering service for your event.

First and Foremost, Before You Contact a Catering Service:

Set the date and time of the event.
Do you have a location? Or do you want the caterer to suggest some?
What is your estimated budget and your head count?
Table set for an event party - Event Planning in Las Vegas, Nevada
These three questions are the basics that you need to set the tone of your event, and your catering style!

After these initial questions are set, then you can go more in depth for the correct catering service. These questions will determine your function and taste in the type of catering service that is appropriate.
  • For instance is your event social or professional?
  • What kinds of foods will reflect your social or professional gathering?
  • Are your guest primarily vegetarians?
  • Are they socially conscious and concerned with some species of fish being endangered?
  • You will need to get an overview of the life style of the group in general and plan your catering appropriately.
  • Do your guest want a formal sit-down dinner with cocktail reception or will a self-service buffet best suit the occasion?
  • Do you want a regional, seasonal or ethnic menu?
  • Do any of your guest have a restricted diet?
  • Do you need a full time hands on service who runs the entire event, where they create an entire theme for the event or do you want to have some input?
  • Is there going to be alcohol?
  • Or do you have to manage the bar due to budget constraints?
Different Kind of Foods - Event Planning in Las Vegas, Nevada

Narrowing Down Your Catering Choices

If you want to hire a caterer, you as an employer, like other employers for any company have to interview. You have to interview many caterers in your area. Create a list, narrow that list to 5. Then choose the ones which come close to your criteria.
For instance, did you have a good time at another event that you went to? A human referral is a good source of information. Did any of the caterers stand out? Were the services too your liking? Ask your friends who been ... Read more
Ask Photographers or other vendors their suggestions. They are a good and professional source of information, as long as they are not related to the caterer in question you are sure to get an unbiased opinion.
Other online catering service directories can help, but remember anyone can post a good review and a bad review (competition). The best way to do this is google Las Vegas Catering, Las Vegas caterers etc.
Now that you have your top list of caterers - it is now time to call them and ask them some questions. This Las Vegas Catering Guide is provided to you from Soirees Las Vegas Event Planners and Caterers. Click here to visit Las Vegas Event Planners and Caterers.

Questions to ASK perspective Caterers

Catering service at company event offer food - Event Catering in Las Vegas, Nevada
1. Ask if they are available for your date. If they have other bookings on your date, ask yourself if they might over extend themselves. You do not want any Planner who is overwhelmed. This will hurt the quality and attention that your event needs.
2. Discuss the budget and head count to determine if your budget agrees with your price point and the caterer's cost.
3. What types of food can they provide? Remember from earlier this is determined by your guest? Can they provide Italian or Thai food? Do they cook this food or get it from another source? Are the ingredients fresh or frozen? Fresh vs. Frozen should be part of your price point determinations and your event.
4. What does their service entail? Wait Staff? Do they set up the tables / Linens / Utensils or do you need to rent or get these? If they are a full service caterer then they do everything. But if you do not need a full service caterer ask if you have to use all these services if your budget is an object.
5. Do you have to buy their alcohol or can you provide your own. Do they provide a cooking fee? Which can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars.
6. Are they licensed to serve food and liquor? Are they insured? What measures do they take to transport the food? Ask them to provide references. Always check their references and ask if the meals were good and on time? Was the presentation and service remarkable? Was the final bill overly high? Was the caterer easy to get along with?
Cocktails - Event Catering in Las Vegas, Nevada
Chef Preparing a Cuisine - Event Catering in Las Vegas, Nevada
7. If time permitting, ask to visit an event the caterer is currently doing and attend. This will give you the best idea of what to expect for your event.
8. When preparing a menu- can they provide a sample tasting for you? If they day no, this might be an indication they are not your best caterer.

Meet the Caterer in person before the event.

After you have whittled down the list even more through the telephone interviews, schedule a face to face meeting to find the best caterer for your event.

1. Ask to see photos of previous events. Notice how the food was presented, how was the staff was dressed? If they prepare food in their own kitchen, ask for a tour. Decide what type of service you want and the menu.
2. Tell the caterer what type of event you are trying to achieve. The atmosphere, food type and number of courses so your new caterer can draft a catering proposal. A catering proposal is a sample menu that breaks down meal courses or buffets and estimates the cost for food, service and rentals.
3. Schedule and book a tasting for the menu.
4. You will get the proposals from the caterers. Decide which ones to accept and which ones to reject.
5. Choose the one. Congratulations.
This is to help you choose a caterer, the questions to ask, over the phone and in person instead of just picking a caterer from the phone book or on the internet.

This Las Vegas Catering Guide is provided to you from Soirees Event Planners and Caterers.